Dr. Thein Min Htike’s Endeavors to Improve Myanmar’s Capacity in Renewable Energy Policy

As an ASEAN Science and Technology Fellow in the Sustainable Energy field, Dr. Thein Min Htike has been actively involved in driving the science-based policy making process in Myanmar.

Dr. Hitke had an opportunity in arranging high-level meetings on the review of Myanmar’s second draft renewable energy policy with Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki from Kyoto University, an experienced advocate in Renewable Energy policy. It was also attended by Prof. Mi Sandar Mon, the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering of Myanmar’s Yangon Technological University. It was stated that the outcome of the discussion was the prioritization of the energy mix future in Myanmar.


Dr. Hitke reviewing the Renewable Energy Policy in Myanmar

with Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki and Prof. Mi Sandar Mon


While the high-level meetings provided thorough insight to the policy review, Dr. Hitke also strives to broaden his perspective through engaging with various stakeholders in International Conferences.

Dr. Hitke attended Myanmar Electric Power Conference and Exhibition from January 17-18, 2019. In the conference, He had the opportunity to interact with companies working on various energy generation technologies, system integration, transmission, renewable developers and practitioners, experts, consultants, bankers and representatives from Renewable Energy Association Myanmar (REAM).

Dr. Hitke while discussing challenges faced in the deployment of renewable energy and the second draft of renewable energy law

Dr. Hitke with Chairman of SMART Group of Companies and Myanmar Oil and Gas Society


Dr. Hitke also had the opportunity to attend the International Conference on Science and Engineering organized and hosted by Yangon Technological University on January 8-9, 2018. Following the conference, He also attended on the Project Progress Meeting for Development of Energy Education for Mekong Region (DEEM) which includes University of Tampere, Finland, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, Flensburg University, Germany, Royal University of Cambodia, Institute Technology Cambodia, National University of Laos and Yangon Technological University.

In the meeting, progress of the DEEM project and the future orientation for potential collaboration was the main topic of the discussion.

Dr. Hitke with  DEEM’s Project Director and members at The Ninth Interational Conference on Science and Technology, Yangon, Myanmar.


Dr. Hitke also proposed the possibility of establishing a centre for renewable energy database, education and research in Yangon Technological University with the collaboration of European universities with the support of local and international private sector. The idea has reached a concession by Finland Future Research Center (FFRC) and the administration of Yangon Technological University.


Story and photos : Dr. Thein Min Htike

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