Standing Up for Science Diplomacy

Here is Mr Dũng Đức Trần, one of our #ASEANSTFellow2018 that had the chance to be interviewed by DZRH Manila television, to share his #sciencebasedpolicymaking to integrate science and diplomacy. Here is his story!

We have an interview session with DZRH Manila television channel as 2019 ASEAN Science Diplomats from Vietnam, Myanmar, and Singapore. The themes are climate change impact on energy, water and food, science diplomacy, water governance, and science-based policymaking.

I am one of ASEAN Fellows who was selected to attend the two events. First, I was kindly invited as one of Plenary Speaker of the Conference Session “Science, Technology, and Innovation”, under Climate Smart and Disaster Resilient ASEAN International Conference on April 22-23, 2019. Second, I was one of 13 diplomats of the 3rd ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly with the theme, Empowering Science and Technology Leaders for Smart ASEAN, on April 25-30, 2019. Both events were organised in Manila, the Philippines.


Mr Dũng Đức Trần (second from ‘left’) along with Dr Nguyen Trinh Minh Anh (most left) being interviewed in DZRH Manila.

The main objective of the ASEAN Science Diplomats Assembly (SDA) is to strengthen the integration of science and diplomacy for the benefit of the ASEAN Member States (AMS) strategic capacities, policy goals, and the development of solutions for societal challenges. The specific objectives of the ASEAN SDA are as follows:

    • To bring principles and applications of science diplomacy to the attention of both the research and diplomatic communities in the ASEAN Member States;

    • To identify the gaps, constraints, and  challenges in science diplomacy;

    • To provide the ASEAN Science Diplomats with the strategies in achieving global influence at the interface of science, technology and diplomacy.

We would like to wish Mr Dũng Đức Trần our best wishes for his future endeavours!

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