Science Technology and Innovation as the Key to Unlocking Public-Private Partnership

Article and photos by Dr Fidero Kuok, the 2018/19 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellow placed at the General Secretariat National Science and Technology Council, Ministry of Planning, Cambodia.

Public-Private Partnership (3P) is known as the collaboration between the government agency and the private sector for the public’s wellbeing. This 3P mechanism has been used as a genuine development tool for the economic development strategy worldwide, including in Cambodia where the promotion of agro-processing zones and exportation have been entailed in Cambodia’s Industrial Development Policy.

As a 2018/19 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellow, I have worked on determining the challenges and opportunities of 3P in Cambodia. In relation to this, I took the role and responsibility as a Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Diplomat to cultivate an STI-based society by promoting science-based solutions to related agencies and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). To better understand the landscape of key actors contributing to 3P, literature reviews and surveys were conducted and then analysed using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL).

In the context of rapid change of technology, particularly Industry 4.0, constant feedback from supply and demand in terms of STI is of great necessity so that the framework of partnership could be designed in response to the societal need, i.e., 3P through Universities – MSMEs Partnership for STI exchange. Moreover, it was also found that with the use of effective science communication acquired during my Science and Technology Fellowship, and with AHP and DEMATEL as tools, an agreeable STI-based policy could be developed to promote 3P in Cambodia.

Provided capacity building for Tonle Sap Authority Officers.
Provided capacity building for Fishery Administration and General Secretariat National Science and Technology Council Officers.
As a moderator during Climate Smart and Disaster Resilient ASEAN International Conference, Manila.
Shared the importance of Science and Technology during Climate Smart and Disaster Resilient ASEAN International Conference in Eagle News ASEAN in Focus, Manila.

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