Dr Himawan Tri Bayu Murti Petrus

As a faculty member at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, Dr. Himawan Tri Bayu Murti Petrus has a deep commitment to the development of more environmentally friendly mineral processing in Indonesia. Commencing more than 5 years ago by initially working with non-mercury gold extraction, his work then expanded into ground-breaking research with silica scaling mitigation to ensure the sustainable production of electricity in the geothermal power plant and fly ash – bottom ash comprehensive utilisation in the coal-fired electricity generation. Furthermore, he is also working on valuable metals extraction from secondary resources (urban mine and industrial waste). His research activities are entirely emphasised on the creation of sustainable mineral processing.

Through the ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship programme, Dr Himawan would like to focus on the metal extraction from the secondary resource which is lithium and other metals from battery recycling process. This topic is essential for creating a close sustainable approach in the development of electrical vehicles. Rarely found abundant on earth, lithium from battery recycling can be a potential resource for the battery raw material. Discussion with potential stakeholders including government, universities and industries is going to be part of the ASEAN S&T Fellowship programme in order to be able to create a roadmap for the realisation of this battery recycling process in Indonesia.

Dr  Himawan Tri Bayu Murti received his B.Sc. (2001) from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. In 2006, he obtained his master degree from the School of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, University of New South Wales, Australia, and completed his doctoral degree from the Department of Earth Resources, Kyushu University, Japan (2012).