Dr Parinya Chamnan

Dr Parinya is a founding leader of the Cardiometabolic Research Group, which was founded in 2013, with primary aims to conduct clinical and epidemiologic research related to treatment and prevention of cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, over-weight and obesity. 

Apart from busy clinical work, Dr Parinya has successfully set up a few research studies of his own, focusing on strategies to reduce the burden of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in a Thai population. Based on health check data of 760,000 individuals linked with diagnostic information from electronic health records, he generated a population-based retrospective cohort called ‘HCUR Study’, and developed first nation’s stroke and heart risk scores for a general population, which will help to inform the management of individual and population stroke and heart risk in Thailand. Many of his work has been based on using readily available data from electronic health records and reimbursement data for cardiovascular risk stratification in 4.5 million people in Ubonrachathani and other provinces in Northeastern Thailand and he hopes to extend his work to more than 60 million population of Thailand. He has won six prestigious and highly competitive national and international research grants as a Principle Investigator and Co-Investigator (total sum of 2.5M USD) and published up to 30 papers in high impact international peer-reviewed journals and written two textbook chapters on diabetes and cardiovascular disease. As a young researcher, he received a number of awards and recognitions, including the Elizabeth Barrett-Connor Research Award for Young Investigators 2013 (among five finalists worldwide) and the International Early Career Investigator Award from the American Heart Association (Council on Epidemiology and Prevention).    

Under the ASEAN S&T Fellowship, Dr Parinya is interested in generating updated evidence on policy and implementation of cardiovascular risk assessment and prevention in Thailand and, if possible, ASEAN countries. Specifically, he would like to determine whether this approach to cardiovascular risk assessment has been put on policy priorities of the ASEAN member countries and to what extent the policy has been implemented in these nations. 

Dr  Parinya received his medical degree from Chulalongkorn University and later completed his MPhil in Public Health (2007) and Ph.D. in Medical Science: Epidemiology (2011) at the University of Cambridge, England. Parinya is now working as a Consultant in Preventive Medicine, research scientist and clinical instructor at the Department of Social Medicine, Sanpasitthiprasong Hospital, a teaching hospital of Khon Kaen University and Ubonratchathani University. His research interest is on prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, with particular focus on population risk stratification.