Dr. Eng. Muhammad Makky Delivered a Speech in the Prestigious International Oil Palm Conference 2018

Dr. Eng. Muhammad Makky, a research fellow from Indonesia, was invited to deliver a speech at the 6th  Quadrennial International Oil Palm Conference 2018, organised by Indonesian Oil Palm Research Institute (IOPRI) in collaboration with the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), and sponsored by Badan Pengelola Dana Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit (BPDPKS), an organisation in charge of fundings for Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesia. The event was held in Medan, Indonesia, 17-19 Juli 2018, focusing on “Smoothing the Market Disequilibria” for oil palm industry in Indonesia.

Dr. Eng. Muhammad Makky in the 6th quadrennial International Oil Palm Conference 2018.
Networking with the oil palm stakeholder, resulting in common understanding of establishing strategy for future policy related to the application of Oil Palm technology and innovation in Indonesia.









The 3-day conference discussed three concurrent science and technology innovation in the field of (1) Agriculture & Biotechnology; (2) Biorefinery, Health & Bioengineering; and (3) Environment, Socio Economic & Business, all related to the global oil palm industry. This prestigious event was opened by Minister for Economic Affairs of Republic of Indonesia, and attended by more than 750 participants from all over the world, followed by back to back satellite meetings.

On this occasion, Dr. Makky shared his experience and presented his innovative technological breakthroughs for oil palm industry to the policy makers and stakeholders in Oil Palm Industry. He specifically emphasised the problems, challenges, and opportunities for the Palm Oil industry, in particular, the implementation of Digital Management corresponding to the Industry 4.0.

At the same time, Dr. Makky presented the strategy for future policy and decision related to the Oil Palm Industry in Indonesia, and encouraged policy makers to utilise more science-based approaches in their decision-making processes. Moreover, the topic delivered in his speech is in accordance to the ASEAN APASTI thrust, addressing the ASEAN COST Challenge for enabling innovation for science and technology related to the oil palm industry.

In this event, Dr. Makky also established networks with oil palm stakeholders, fruitfully exchanging views, ideas, and research interests with other participants. Furthermore, Dr. Makky, together with private sector and government officials, shared and discussed current updates on products and technologies in the global oil palm industry.

Story and images: Dr. Eng. Muhammad Makky


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