First Fisheries Program in University of Yangon, Myanmar

This month, Fisheries and Aquaculture program has been launched in University of Yangon, Myanmar. This new program was initiated by USAID project in a Sustainable Development of Seafood Industry Infrastructure in Myanmar back in 2014. One of our ASEAN Science and Technology Fellow, Dr. Kay Lwintun actively participated as the country principal investigator of the project.  This project was followed with positive result as the Laboratory of Aquatic Bioscience in University of Yangon was upgraded and has trained over 400 faculty members and students in the field of aquaculture over 3 years of period.

Students of Fisheries and Aquaculture in University of Yangon

This program was supported by GIZ (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit) to fund the training activities such teaching rooms and laboratories. The program has also developed into an international standard curriculum with the support of well recognized international professors.

Students are trained with international lectures and professors.

As an ASEAN S&T Fellow, Dr. Lwintun has become  convenient to work with Ministry of Agriculture. “When I become an ASEAN S&T fellow and able to work with Ministry of Agriculture, it is really fortuitous for the program as we can do easier collaboration with Department of Fisheries to develop the program with the support of policy makers, stakeholders and international organizations such as USAID and GIZ (MYSAP).” said Dr. Lwintun.

ASEAN S&T Fellow from Myanmar, Dr. Kay Lwintun


Since then, from 2017 the Laboratory of Aquatic Bioscience in University of Yangon has communicated with Department of Fisheries (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation) to establish the first fisheries program in Myanmar.

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