Dr. Worajit Setthapun’s Noble Journey in Raising Awareness of Renewable Energy Development throughout Asia

As the Dean of the Asian Development College for Community and Technology, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand, Dr. Worajit Setthapun is thriving in expanding her professional networks through The ASEAN Science & Technology Fellowship.


Dr. Setthapun bestowed as ASEAN-US Women Science Prize for Sustainable Energy in 2016

 As the 2015-16 alumni, Dr. Setthapun has expanded her works and cooperations among ASEAN in promoting renewable energy and green/low carbon technologies. Dr. Setthapun is aiming to provide capacity building to all stakeholders in the area of technology and policy for renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart community.  After the The ASEAN Science & Technology Fellowship, Dr. Setthapun has continued to expanded her network throughout the local, national, regional and international stage by managing national and multilateral projects, organizing workshops and meetings, while also participating in numerous international meetings, workshop and conferences. From all her work regarding raising the awareness of sustainable energy, She was awarded the 2016 ASEAN-U.S. Science Prize for Women at the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology in Cambodia.


Dr. Setthapun as one of the representatives in 2016 APEC EGNRET & EGEE&C Joint Meeting and Associated Events in Taipei

Throughout her work, Dr. Setthapun has worked with  the Thailand’s Ministry of Energy on the APEC proposal to develop PV system database for 5 economies in South East Asia; Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States.  The project was funded by APEC Secretariat Energy Working Group to harmonize the data collection standards for PV system monitoring and promoting solar energy in the APEC region.


Dr. Setthapun as one of the organising board in 2015 ASEAN Smart Grid Congress1 in Thailand

 In addition, Dr. Setthapun was one of the organising committee of the ASEAN Smart Grid Congress. The congress organised annually  funded by the Office of Naval Research, United States of America. The congress enacted alternating in South East Asia countries, in 2015 the Congress was held in Thailand, whereas in 2016 and 2017 the Congress were executed in Viet Nam and Indonesia. The primary concerns of the established congress is in tackling global warming issues due to human enhancement of the greenhouse effect through optimizing the renewable energy approach.


Dr. Setthapun as one of the invited speaker from Thailand in 2015 APEC Public – Private Dialogue on Addressing Impediments in Financing Renewable Energy Forum

 Dr. Setthapun has also supported Viet Nam Ministry of Industry and Trade in their project for case studies on the Best Practice of Wind Energy Development in APEC Region.  Throughout the discussion, the renewable energy policies for APEC economies were also being compared and examined. Besides discussing the opportunities and challenges, ways forward to support the wind and other promising renewable energy resources in Viet Nam were also discussed. Insofar, Dr. Setthapun has already organized 2 weeks capacity building programme on renewable energy technology for the technicians and engineers of the Department of Renewable Energy, Bhutan in March 2018. The training courses are aimed for the high-level engineers and management on the renewable energy and energy efficiency policies. Her most favorable event was the Global SDG7 Conference hosted by the United Nation Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Thailand Ministry of Energy, and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) in February 2018 where she was invited as the only Thailand representative to share her expertise in Southeast Asia renewable energy development.


Dr. Setthapun as one of the panelist in 2018 Global SDG7 Conference hosted by the United Nation Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Thailand Ministry of Energy, and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).

 Through the networks and connections gained, Dr. Shettapun has been invited to 24 workshops and conferences as keynote, panelist and invited speaker to share her looming experiences and expertise.  The events were held in Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

 Story and photos: Dr. Worajit Setthapun


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