Promoting Indonesia’s Palm Oil-Based Biodiesel in Accordance to Smart Mobility Development

Optimizing renewable resources in our approach to further sustaining the energy sector prove to be efficient and feasible. One of our 2018 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship, Prof. Dr. Eng. Muhammad Makky found himself actively involved in spreading the awareness towards oil palm-based Biodiesel development in Indonesia.


Dr. Makky giving public lecture in Bung Hatta Palace, Indonesia, on the importance of sustaining oil palm-based Biodiesel


Dr. Makky had the opportunity to further spread the green cultivation for sustainable palm oil-based Biodiesel awareness to nation-wide fellows, mentors, and Head of Bureaus from all of the Provincials and Cities government in Indonesia.


Palm oil has been recognised as country’s top commodity where Indonesia is one of the world’s biggest producer as well as consumer of the said commodity. Indonesia has been producing about half of the world’s supply for palm oil. Thus, Dr. Makky sees the opportunity to seize the abundant resources to be further cultivated as new opportunity to promote the sustainable energy approach in the nation.


Dr. Makky explaining how palm oil-based Biodiesel could contribute as nation’s solutions to improving the growth of Green Transportation and Smart Mobility.


One of his concerns lies in the palm oil-based Biodiesel development with the accordance to the Green Transportation and Smart Mobility in the country. In addition to the lower production cost of palm-oil based Biodiesel, hopefully Indonesia not only could see the growth in sustainable mode of transportation approach but also boost its commodity export rate in the long run.


Story and photos: Prof. Dr. Eng. Muhammad Makky

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