Climate Change and Climate Variability

Dr. Thein Min Htike’s Endeavors to Improve Myanmar’s Capacity in Renewable Energy Policy

As an ASEAN Science and Technology Fellow in the Sustainable Energy field, Dr. Thein Min Htike has been actively involved in driving the science-based policy making process in Myanmar. Dr. Hitke had an opportunity in arranging high-level meetings on the review of Myanmar’s second draft renewable energy policy with Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki from Kyoto University, […]

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New journey of climate change mitigation policy in Vietnam: story from Livestock sector

The commitment of Vietnam Government to the Paris Agreement CoP 15 opens an opportunity for Green Growth Economy/Development in the country with the Decision 1775/QD-TTg dated on November 21, 2012 on Approval of Project of Green House Gas Emission Management, Management of Carbon Credit Business Activities to the World Market. However Green Growth Economy/Development requires […]


Rural Aquaculture and Conservation Agriculture (RACA) System towards Climate Change Adaptation Initiative in Lower Mekong Basin

“Lower Mekong Basin (LMB) is one of significant region in ASEAN. More than 45 million people dwelling in LMB rely on fisheries and agriculture. However, climate change plus overfishing, pollution, landuse and landcover conversion reduce wild fish stock and agricultural crop. To meet the need of aquatic living resources and agriculture production as vital food […]


Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Indonesia Mangrove Forests

Mangrove forests are important coastal ecosystems that support the productivity of the coastal zone within the tropics and subtropics. Mangrove provides multiple ecosystem services including the biogeochemical function as carbon storage. Mangrove sequesters carbon within standing biomass and soils and gives significant contribution to coastal sediment carbon storage up to 24 Tg C year-1 1. […]