Dr Thanda Shwe

Dr Thanda has most recently served as a professor at the Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology at Mandalay Technological University. Over the past one and a half decades, as she has worked in both universities and government departments in education sector and actively involved in many activities and projects impacting education and research development in Myanmar. Her recent activities include conducting research on reliability, security, and performance management of computing systems, teaching and research development of Mandalay Technological University.

As an ASEAN S&T Fellow, Dr Thanda is working with Department of Information Technology and Cyber Security, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Myanmar to empower the digital security swaying human capacity for Myanmar e-commerce readiness. Based on findings of analysis of existing skill gap for digital security, she will develop guidelines to integrate digital security skills and knowledge which is essential in preparing trust based e-commerce readiness in curriculum of computer science and computer engineering studies. 

Dr Thanda has a B.E in Information Technology from Mandalay Technological University (2004), M.E in Information Technology from Yangon Technological University (2006), a Ph.D. in Information Technology from Mandalay Technological University (2008), and a Dr Eng. in Computer Science from Kumamoto University in Japan (2018) which was received under a scholarship from Japan International Cooperation Agency.