Dr Zar Zar Wint

Born in Taunggyi, Southern Shan State, Myanmar, Dr  Zar Zar has most recently served as a professor and researcher at Mandalay Technological University where she teaches courses on machine learning and programming. In addition to her research, she has worked as a supervisor in data mining and machine learning fields.

As an ASEAN S&T Fellow, Dr  Zar Zar is working with Department of Monitoring and Evaluation (Research), Ministry of Education, Myanmar. She will draft a policy brief and plan of action for ICTs in education and management systems in Myanmar. By participating in this fellowship, not only she has the chance to learn their ICT in education system but also she can get the advice to develop ICT in education for our country Myanmar.  The elements will be identified that will create a successful ICT in Education and Management model based on a detailed understanding of end-user preferences, perceptions, and attitudes. The final report will support mainstreaming ICTs in education and management systems in the next National Education Strategic Plan (NESP 2) of her country, Myanmar. 

Dr Zar Zar received her Bachelor in Engineering (IT) (2001) from Mandalay Technological University, Master of Engineering (IT) (2003), and Ph.D. (IT) (2006) from Yangon Technological University, Myanmar. She received her Doctorate in Engineering (Computer Science) from the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University, Japan (2018) which was received under a scholarship from Japan International Cooperation Agency.