Sustainable Energy

Dr. Thein Min Htike’s Endeavors to Improve Myanmar’s Capacity in Renewable Energy Policy

As an ASEAN Science and Technology Fellow in the Sustainable Energy field, Dr. Thein Min Htike has been actively involved in driving the science-based policy making process in Myanmar. Dr. Hitke had an opportunity in arranging high-level meetings on the review of Myanmar’s second draft renewable energy policy with Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki from Kyoto University, […]

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Renewable Energy in Vietnam: Current plans and Policy Recommendations

Despite the commitment of the Vietnamese Government in climate change mitigation policies, fossil fuel-based technologies heavily dominate the internal energy market and major investments are still made in new thermal coal power plants during the last two decades. In these conditions, ambitious CO2 reduction objectives of the country at the COP 21 will be difficult […]


Renewable Energy Potential on Small and Mini Hydroelectric Power in Lao P.D.R

Lao PDR is endowed with abundant hydropower potential. The development of large hydropower plants have made notable progress and have been developed typically through concessions mainly for exporting power to neighboring countries, while a small percentage (e.g. 5%) is supplied domestically. This export-oriented hydropower development strategy benefits the economy through revenues from royalties and taxes, […]


Biogas technology as a solution for wastewater treatment in Lao PDR

Livestock plays importance role to Lao people’s livelihood. It contributes to food security, enhance crop production, generate cash incomes for rural and urban populations.  Livestock practice was changed year by year, depend on economic growth, increasing of population and the meat consumption demand. The commercial livestock farm significantly rapidly expand in the last two decade […]