The Research-3

In increasing the science outreach and communication to non-academic and policy audiences, the fellows produce a scientific-based policy recommendation articles, papers, and presentation related to the ASEAN Science and Technology (S&T) Fellowship priority issues and policies and programmes. The products of S&T, including blog posts and visual documentation, as data sources which publish to this website and ASEAN Foundation social media platform as well as media platforms of some organisation in association with USAID and ASEAN Foundation.

The following are some of pertinent products that have been produced by S&T fellows, according to the thematic areas:

❏ Biodiversity
❏ Climate Change and Climate Variability
❏ Early Warning Disaster Risk Reduction
❏ Energy Security
❏ Fisheries and Coastal Management
❏ Health
❏ Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Policy
❏ Sustainable Energy
❏ Water Management